Human Resources Management

Crane Aboriginal Management Services is pleased to have one of the most experienced Aboriginal Human Resources managers on our staff.  Scott Jacobs has successful experience in the development of HR Management policies and procedures in organizations with over 300 employees and has been able to assist many of CAMS' clients manage their most valuable resource better - their people.

We are able to provide the following services in the area of Human Resources Management:

•  Determining your staffing needs.
•  Contract versus hire decisions.
•  Recruiting and training activities.
•  Ensuring high performance from staff.
•  Dealing with low-end performers.
•  Ensuring your personnel and management practices    conform to various regulations.
•  Assessing employee benefits and compensation    (including salary grid development).
•  Employee records management procedures.
•  Development of personnel policies.
•  The development of employee and employee management    manuals.

CAMS has provided HR Management Services to the following organizations:

•  Serpent River First Nation
•  Mamaweswen, The    North Shore Tribal    Council
•  Ogemawahj Tribal    Council
•  Hiawatha First Nation    Economical Development

•  Whitefish Lake First    Nation
•  National Aboriginal Land    Managers Association
•  United Anishnaabeg    Council
•  Health Canada


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