Financial Analysis and Planning

In order to be successful, it is our belief that the effective management of money is vital to success.  CAMS has been able to secure over $7,000,000 for Aboriginal development projects from a wide variety of sources.  Our ability to assess your resources and translate that into a document that will leverage additional funds has contributed to our long-term success.

CAMS is able to offer the following financial planning services:

•  Reconstruction of historical financial statements.

•  Assess past financial performance to improve future    financial management.

•  Develop 3, 5 and 10 year financial projections based on market and historical figures.

•  Provide ratio analysis to determine the value of assets    today and in the future.

•  Develop break even analysis criteria for profit and social    projects.

Our financing proposals, feasibility studies and business plans have successfully secured funds from the following Aboriginal support organizations:

•  Aboriginal Business    Canada
•  Department of Indian and    Northern Affairs
•  FedNor
•  Human Resources and    Skills Development    Canada
•  Heritage Canada
•  Health Canada
•  Ontario Secretariat for    Aboriginal Affairs

•  Northern Ontario Heritage    Fund
•  The Trillium Foundation
•  Aboriginal Capital    Corporations
•  Community Futures    Development Corps.
•  Private Banks and Credit    Unions
•  Charitable Organizations
•  First Nation Governments
•  AHRDA Holders

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