Business Planning Services

Crane Aboriginal Management Services has been delivering business planning services since our inception.  Although our services are intended to be used for management purposes and serve the direct needs of our clients, CAMS planning services also provide the necessary information required by funders to invest in your commercial opportunity.  We have worked in almost every sector of the economy and have served many First Nation markets in our efforts.  We have performed the following services in the past:

•  The completion of feasibility studies that may be    required to assess investment and commercial    opportunities.

•  The completion of business plans required to manage    business opportunities or secure financing for a business opportunity.

•  The completion of primary market research that may    be required to assess an opportunity.  This may include    focus groups, online surveys, telephone    interviews or random consumer testing.

•  The completion of secondary market research that    may be required to justify further testing and analysis for    an opportunity.

Business Planning services vary greatly in price based on the size and the scope of the opportunity.  CAMS has completed plans that have cost our clients from $3,000 to greater than $100,000.  CAMS’ dedicated staff will develop a budget that is affordable to your situation and will deliver an end product that you will be proud of.  Our service ensures that we support our documents by making ourselves available for financing meetings as well as at primary business implementation meetings.

CAMS is pleased to have completed business feasibility projects for the following organizations:

•  Dinawo
•  All Nations Lacrosse
•  Little Feather Learning    Products
•  Added Value    Promotions
•  Vision Quest Ecolodge
•  Sagamok    Anishnawbek    Ecolodge
•  Toronto Heritage Park
•  Thornbury Manor    Restaurant
•  The Back Door Pub
•  Tall Teepee    Restaurant and Gas    Bar
•  Flying Canoe    Helicopter Charters
•  02 Spa Bar
•  e-Tribe
•  Tomahawk Digital    Technologies
•  Williams Outfitters
•  David Black Ash    Consulting
•  Akwesasne Economic    Development Agency
•  Public Sector    Aboriginal Business    Association
•  Vision Ouest
•  Williams Mars Zen Do    Karate

•  Charlie’s Towing
•  Mad Mohawk Kustom
•  Mohawk Taxi
•  Oakes Heating Service
•  Adams Marina
•  Virginia Beach Marina
•  Moose Deer Point Marina
•  Who’s Dish Café
•  White’s Plumbing
•  Toby Roundpoint    Construction
•  Mitchell’s Construction
•  Lazore’s Construction
•  Lone Wolf Construction Inc.
•  G & L Charter Bus and    Coach
•  Akwesasne Internet  Services
•  Earthlore Communications Inc.
•  Spirit Designs Bead    Boutique & Gallery
•  Basque Communications
•  Island Arcade
•  Young's Forestry    Services
•  Harvey Trudeau    "Inventor"
•  Sequoia Bath and Body
•  Moccasin Jo Coffee &    Tea
•  The Abor Group

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